Easy Pie Making Tips


Fall Whispers: Pie-making & Treasured Memories

Autumn has always signaled the transition from vibrant summer afternoons to cozy winter evenings. But for me, Fall also means it's the pie-making season! And when I think of pies, I'm immediately transported to my great-grandmother's kitchen in Connecticut, where the aroma of freshly baked apple pies wafted through the air.

As a young girl, those visits were highlighted by sitting in her kitchen, eagerly waiting for a slice of her legendary apple pie. But it was only a few years ago, when my mother shared my great-grandmother’s treasured recipe with me, that I realized its significance. This wasn't just any pie – it was a pie that drew people from miles away, especially during church sales. To say her pies were legendary would be an understatement.

I won't be spilling the beans on that precious family recipe (some secrets are meant to be kept), I've come across some hacks myself that can make the pie-making process less daunting and more fun!

Pie-Making Simplified:

1. The Pie Crust: While nothing can truly match the flavor of a homemade crust, we all have those days when time just isn't on our side. For those instances, store-bought pie crusts from the refrigerator section come to the rescue. Just ensure you adhere to the baking instructions on the packaging.

2. Apple Prepping: Gone are the days when I'd manually peel each apple and then struggle with slicing them uniformly. While the food processor helped speed things up a bit, the real game-changer was an all-in-one apple peeler and slicer. This magical tool not only peels and cores but also slices apples – all at the same time. One quick cut post this process, and your apples are pie-ready. Plus, the kids absolutely love using it!

In essence, pie-making is not just about crafting a delectable dessert; it's about cherishing memories, spending quality time with family, and reveling in the little joys of life.
So, as the leaves change colors and the air turns crisp, may your home be filled with the aroma of freshly baked pies and the sound of joyous laughter.