Unlock the Secrets to Flawless Macarons with My Free Troubleshooting Guide!


In this macaron's troubleshooting guide you'll learn how to:


Get picture-perfect macarons every time.


Bring back those beautiful ruffled edges.


Get Smooth tops every time.


Bid goodbye to those clingy bottoms.


Achieve the perfect bite and texture.

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You + This Macaron Troubleshooting guide = everything you need to get started!


Whether you're new to the macaron game or a seasoned baker, everyone has had those days when the macarons just won't cooperate! But fear not! We're here with the ultimate guide to help you navigate and fix those pesky issues.


Real Experience, Real Solutions

I've been there, battling humidity on a summer day, adjusting oven temperatures, or just having one of those off days. It's the beauty and challenge of baking.

🌦️ Did you know the weather plays a crucial role in your macarons? Whether it’s a humid afternoon or a dry winter morning, our guide dives deep into understanding how the elements affect your bakes and offers tailored solutions.

⏲️ And yes, sometimes it's just about that slight temperature tweak in the oven. Discover how seasons play a role and why 5 degrees can make all the difference.

❤️ Plus, a little secret... The best ingredient? Love. We've found that a sprinkle of passion and a dollop of care can transform your baking experience.

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Hey There I'm Christa,

a cake artisan, wife, and proud mother. With 15+ delightful years in baking, I'm all about sharing joy through treats and teaching cake decorating and macaron perfection. Beyond baking, you'll find me cheering for my boys' sports, taking runs to the local coffee shop, and enjoying heartwarming Hallmark Movies. In every creation from Sweets By Christa, LLC, passion and love are woven into each bite.